The whole idea of Foundershop is to redo the entire design and get to fully understand the Promo (A white-label b2b shop for promotional products) product.

Instead of making the overall process inherently shorter we want to add an entire experience to the products.
You don’t really get one or five promotional products, they come in larger batches but people also don’t want plastic toys that you’re just gonna throw on the pile with the rest. Foundershop curates products for you but also gives freedom to choose yourself if you don’t like the curations.

To do this we’ve looked at everything we had so far and started to optimise the customers path trough the website. Creating an entire new flow throughout the website so it would come over as less intimidating.
Promo being a website that tries to achieve an automated process for promotional products, which as of today hasn’t been done before as there are multiple switches and a tonne of customisations per product. However a firm believer in the future and automisation of processes we believe can do this.


The idea of separate product pages came from trends we see happening around us, sometimes a product deserves just that little extra attention. To make absolutely sure you get what you want, information is presented in a user-friendly and fun manner: reading a specsheet is for computers.

See the page in action!


The product page is where this shop very much differentiates itself from commercial shops, it requires a lot of information to fulfil any order. Whereas in normal setting you would pick just size and colour on the product page itself with promotional products it gets a little trickier, first off you select your colour and get too see how many products are in stock with our partners, based off of that you get quantities in all available sizes if it’s a clothing article. Further down you get printing methods, these are also based on what partners provide for the specific item, then location and numbers of colours. Information of what a printing method does it provided with little text boxes.

Once you’ve uploaded your image you’re all done and ready to pay like in any other e-commerce shop you would shop at.

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