Señor Wooly is a language learning platform for American school children, specifically the Spanish language.
They learn through watching videos and playing games that go over those videos bit by bit.

An example video can be found on this page.

The main page of the dashboard shows a lot of information to get the student wherever they need to be; starting top left with the profile where they can show off their hard earned avatar and the badge they want to show off.

The middle column shows all the content the user can do on the platform.
If the user had closed the website abruptly – perhaps because they were interrupted by the school-bell – they are able to resume their activity at any time by clicking the “recent activity” option at the top of the page. Below that are all the assignment the teacher gave the students.
Stories can be sorted in a number of different ways to each their own. The story cards show the title, the featured image, difficulty and progress made in the story so far.

The right column is only there if the screen allows for it, it shows the notifications and assignments. Notifications could be messages from teachers or blog updates from the platform.


Avatars and badges are a way of gamification we loved adding because it made sense, this gives students an extra incentive to try just that bit more and make it less feel like homework.

Students can unlock badges by playing the activities, they are awarded for all sort of achievements. For example: Completing a nugget – which is a chapter within a story full of activities – within a certain time period after watching the video for the first time.
Avatars are unlocked trough buying them with the points you get for completing activities.

The story page consists of three pages, a story could be summarised as a music video, with a Spanish song.
Which then is divided into ten nuggets – chapters –  of eight activities each which can be played up to three times total giving students increased points for every additional play through of the entire story. At the start of each nugget students get to see the video as the first activity, to introduce them or freshen them up as they don’t always have to stick to this story. They can also read of sing along with the song if they feel like or just watch it again.