As the product was very barebones, a lot of interaction had to be built in to make it a pleasant experience for the user: the end result being that he would forget that they were even doing homework.

We started out with a couple of games, multiple choice, true or false, re-order and matching.
As we approached this entire project mobile first we quickly encountered the matching game required changes to make it work on mobile.

The matching game ended up cutting the screen up into two parts, above and below, you match the cards by pressing the button in the middle. This was deemed the most appropriate of doing this for the types of answers there are.

All these games were designed with them being straightforward and fun to play, with multiple ways to display questions prompts or audio we had to come up with a way to present them all very nicely and clear.

Later on a new game was added, a game where the user would have to get a piece of information, a question and two answers. The piece of information could be a short videoclip, part of a song, text or an image.